Tuesday, 3 March 2015

What's On My Iphone 5C?| Kirafelicialindxn

Hi guys so today I'm doing the 'what's on my iphone?' tag.  I actually don't have that many apps on my phone so this will probably be a quick and easy post haha. I don't keep any of my purchased apps on the first page, all my apps that I use are on the middle page. As you can see my background is a pug in a wizard costume which I thought was super cute.

On my bottom bar I keep my phone button, google chrome, messages and my clock. I keep these at the bottom because they're pretty much essentials too me apart from phone because I pretty much never answer the phone to anyone.

I have four folders on my middle page, photography, music, social and lifestyle. These folders actaully used to have the right things in them but I'm constantly deleting and re downloading apps and then I just shove them anywhere.

Photography folder- So in this folder I have Instagram, Camera, Photos, VSCOcam, Squareready and Photo Finish. Obviously Camera and Photos are what come on the phone and I'm sure all of you know what Instagram is- If you don't, what you playing at? VSCOcam is a photo editing app, I don't actually use this app that much, I used to use it for editing Instagram photos but I don't tend to edit my photos anymore. My next app Squareready is an app that makes your photos so that you can have the whole image on Instagram, this is good for mirror selfies and finally Photo Finish is a face touch up app where you can smooth over blemishes with out it looking ridiculous. 

In my next folder labeled 'Music' I have Spotify, Music, Videos, Itunes Store, Blogger, BBC Iplayer, Amazon Photo, Imovie and Google Drive. Once again Music,Videos and the Itunes store are the apps that come on the phone. Spotify is a app where you can find songs and then make them into a playlist, I have this app on my phone because my phone is only 8GB, so I don't have enough storage on my phone for music. Blogger of course, all you bloggers will know what that is. BBC Iplayer, obviously just an app that you can catch up on your shows that you've missed on the BBC channels, Amazon Photo is an app so that I can transfer photos from my phone onto my Kindle. Imovie, I only downloaded the other day so I don't actually know how it works yet. Finally Google Drive is so I can easily get photos from my camera onto my phone.

My third folder labeled 'Social' is probably my most used folder and it consists of; Tumblr, Facebook Messenger, FaceTime, Contacts, Mail, Gmail, Clash Of Clans, Facebook, Whatsapp and Crossy Road. The Iphone apps that are actually in this folder I don't even use so they shouldn't really be in there and they are FaceTime, Contacts and Mail. Tumblr, of course all of you know what Tumblr and if you don't, go make yourself a Tumblr account and follow me at coffeecupsandshoptoomuch. Facebook messenger is just the app that you need to be able to talk to your Facebook contacts, Gmail is where I get all my emails, Clash Of Clans is a game where you build your village and fight, if you have this game my name is kirafelicia and you should definitely not attack me. You all know what Facebook is haha, Whatsapp is just another messaging app that you can message your contacts on using wifi. And Crossy Road is another game and I want all you Iphoners to go and download it now and get as annoyed at it as I do! 

My final folder is labeled 'Lifestyle' and this is basically just my shopping apps. So in this folder I have New Look, H&M, Amazon, Ebay, RBS, Paypal, Bloglovin' and Zoopla. I don't think I need to go into detail on these apps as you will know most of them RBS is my bank app and Zoopla is an estate agent app if you didn't know them.

So that's it for today guys, sorry it wasn't the most exciting post, I'll be back tomorrow with another post so make sure you come back for that and why don't you follow me on my Tumblr- coffeecupsandshoptoomuch.tumblr.com and my Instagram- Kirafelicialindxn.

Kira xx

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