Saturday, 28 February 2015

Big Hero 6 - MOVIE REVIEW!

Hi guys so if you read yesterdays post- you better of read yesterday's post! haha- you will know that I wasn't planning on blogging over the weekend but I decided I wanted to talk to you about a movie I recently saw, now this isn't a type of post I usually do and with all the book reviews and movie reviews I plan to do, I can't really call myself a beauty and fashion blogger anymore ha.

Ok so the film that I am going to talk to you about today, is of course, Big Hero 6. From the minute I saw the adverts with this cute white marshmallow-type guy, I wanted to see it. I melt when it comes to cute characters, like they will be who I'm sticking by through out the whole film even if it isn't actually about them.

Now I'm not going to go into too much detail about the film because it's fairly new so there's a big chance that not all of you will have seen it but this film blew me away. I watched this supposed children's Disney film not knowing what it was going to be about and honestly me and Alex were laughing through the majority of the film. I really feel like Disney are trying to expand there age range, now I know they make more grown up films like Pirates Of The Caribbean and The Avengers but what I mean is, animated film are usually aimed for children where as Disney seem to be expanding that, like when I watched Frozen, I know so many young girls aged 3-8 who love Frozen but some of the content in Frozen like what happens to their parents I just don't feel like that's aimed for a three year old, I'm not saying I wouldn't let my daughter watch this, infact she loves this film but a three year old wouldn't understand what had happened, maybe even an 8 year old wouldn't, one minute the parents are leaving for a trip and the next minute they're gone forever. This was the same with a character in Big Hero 6.

You can tell when you watch Big Hero 6 that it is aimed for maybe more grown up children as there are mentions of puberty and death. Over all though I loved this film and I am no way hating on Disney or anything, I love Disney, who doesn't? I thought this film was so funny and it had such a good storyline, I got quite confused at the end but after Alex explained I completely understood, I loved this so much that I have ordered myself a bit of Big Hero 6 merchandise, which I will share with you when it comes soon! I really recommend this film, whether you are 12 or 85, it is an amazing film too the point where I wanted to watch it again the next day.

So that's it for today guys, I'm not sure whether there will be a post tomorrow or not, I guess you'll have to wait and see. I love you guys so much for all the support you are giving me, especially you guys on Bloglovin', I hope you enjoy my future posts and I'll see you soon.

Kira xx

Friday, 27 February 2015

Favourite Affordable Lip Product!

Hi guys so today I'm going to share with you my favourite affordable lipsticks, so basically lipsticks you can afford on a budget that I personally love. Sorry to those of you that have been waiting for my post all day, I've been busy today and haven't had a chance to blog for you but here is the post...

My first two favourite lipsticks are by Gosh and they are in the colours Cappuccino and Innocent. I usually wear these colours when I'm going for a simple make up look but the quality of the lipsticks overall are amazing. From Superdrug these lipsticks cost £6.99 each and I really recommend them, also the black packaging is amazing and I love that the actually stick has 'GOSH' engraved into it.

My next favourite lipstick is by Maybelline and it's the Super Stay 24 Colour and mine is in the colour Eternal Sunset. I've mentioned this lipstick before as it used to be my everyday lipstick but as all you beauty enthusiasts will of experienced, I go through faces of brands,colours, styles. I've tried other colours in this make and I think they are all amazing and I definitely want to pick up more of these lipstick/glosses. When I think of lipglosses, I think of those lumpy, glittery ones that you used to get on the front of a magazine when you were a young girl but This is not, once it is on your lips it goes matte and then you can either leave it like that, like I do or apply the balm on the other end which gives it a glossy effect. Which is why whenever I talk about this product, I class it as a lipstick. This product costs £8.99 from most drugstores like Boots or Superdrug.

My next product is by Rimmel, This is a lip pen and it's the Lasting Finish Colour Rush, I own two, one in the colour Viva Violet, which is the one I'm favoriting for this post and the other one I have is in the colour Keep Mauving. I think these lip pens are so good, they apply so easily and last all day, I apply mine and then put my Stay Matte powder over the top to give it a matte finish but I do that with all my lip products because I'm not a massive fan of glossy lips. This product costs £5.99.

My final lip product is also by Maybelline and its the Baby Lips Lip Balm, I own two, a coloured one, which I don't really use but I also have the plain lip balm which I am constantly applying too my lips when I'm in bed. I get really dry and chapped lips so I've always got a lip balm at hand but this one is a definite favourite, this is not very expensive as it cost me £2.99, you can most likely buy this anywhere that sells Maybelline products.

So that's it for today guys, It is very unlikely that I will be blogging over the weekend but you can keep up with what I'm doing by following me on my Instagram @kirafelicialindxn and I will be back with another post on Monday, make sure to keep leaving me comments, I always get excited when I see a comment on a post and it really keeps me enthusiastic about posting.

Kira xx

Thursday, 26 February 2015

March TBR!

Hi guys so today I'm going to share with you my March TBR, so the books I'm going to try and read throughout March, I've picked six books at random from my Goodreads to-read list, it's unlikely that I will complete all these books but I will try my hardest. So I will share them with you now...

1. Stolen by Lesley Pearse

So I don't really know much about this book other than what the description says, from that I've got the impression that the book is a mystery but I guess I won't know until I read. I don't really like the cover of this book but as I will be reading this on my Kindle, it isn't a major concern.

Alex As well by Alyssum Brugman
So all I remember about this book is that when I heard about it, I knew I really wanted to read it. From the description I have the impression that it's about a girl that goes through the process of changing her life. 

Revolution by Russell Brand
This book was one of the first to be recommended to me, Russell Brand is one of my favourite people so I'm very excited to read this book, I've never read one of his books before so it will be interesting to see what his writing style is like.

Across The Universe by Beth Revis
I have been dying to read this book from the minute I heard about it, I love romances and I've been wanting to read some si-fi/ fantasy. This might have to be my first book for march, I'm that excited, also how pretty is the cover?

Top Ten Clues You're Clueless by Liz Czukas

This is me completely judging a book by its cover, I saw this book in someone's bookshelf tour on Youtube and thought it looked like such a quirky, fun book. I've decided not to read the back of the book and to just go into the book blind, too make it more interesting.

The summer I turned Pretty by Jenny Han

I've read a few reviews on this book so I know it's meant to be really good and once again I'm judging by the cover but it is such a beautiful cover. From the cover I am thinking this maybe a young, summer romance but I could be completely wrong.

Ok guys, so that's it for todays post. I'll be back tomorrow with another post and I hope you'll look out for that. You can also follow me on My Goodreads. I hope to see some comments and let me know if you are a booktuber/book blogger and I will check you out because I'm always looking to add to my TBR list and I just like seeing peoples collections!

Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Top 5 Budget Beauty Buys!

Hi guys so today I'm going to be telling you about the Top 5 products that you can easily afford if your on a budget. All these products are drugstore items because as you will know by now, I dont tend to really use high end products, I'm more into finding good cheap products and showing that you don't need a £50 foundation that will last you like a month. So lets get started...

For some reason I didn't photograph these first two items. The first one is the W7 Prime Magic Camera Ready Primer. Now I've talked about this item before and I think I said I couldn't really comment on the quality of this product because I'd never used a primer before but the other day I was being really lazy and didn't apply primer and I noticed a massive difference. My foundation was flaky, nothing was going on right, my skin felt really dry and I ended up looking worse than when I started. So I'd say for £6.95 this is a primer worth getting.


The next item I didn't photograph seperatley is the Natural Collection Bronzer, I can't actually find the bronzer I have on the Boots website, Mines a loose powder where as the only one I can find is a pressed powder but the price of this bronzer was £1.99. This is such a good bronzer, I said in a post that I'm not using it at the moment because I see it as a summer bronzer, which I do because it has a shimmer too it but that's the only reason I am not using it. I think all the Natural Collection products are brillant for the price so I really recommend that you go into Boots and have a browse at the stuff.


This item has been like God to me since I bought it a few weeks ago, I love it so much and it is the Barry M Brow Kit, I've talked about this a few times in all different posts and I really think this should be on your shopping list, Its such a good kit and it lasts a long time as well, the only fault I'd say is that the brow jel is tinted so you end up with really dark brows but I don't use the jel and my eyebrows still stay in place right through till the next day with no colour run or anything. This product costs £5.99 and compared to the high end brow kits I'd say this is really worth buying.


Mascara for me isn't really a product that I buy the same one every time, I like to try out different ones. This is a Natural Collection mascara and I'd say this is great if you like just a thin coat of mascara, you can still layer it if you want but this is really good because it doesn't clump and its also very easy to use on the lower lash line. This product is £1.99 and for a basic mascara I'd say its worth it.


My final item is the W7 Eyeshadow Palettes, the one photographed here is the In The Nude palette and to me they are very much like the Urban Decay Naked palettes, they're really well pigmented and I do really recommend these palettes as I use them every day and I think they are amazing.
The price really depends on where you buy from, in Peacocks they are £7.99 and on amazon they are around £6, however on the W7 website they are £9.99, which compared to the Naked palettes which are £35, I think that's a great price.


So guys that's it for today, I hope you enjoyed this post and make sure to go hunt for these brilliant items. Look out for my next post and be sure to leave me some comments.

Kira xx

Tuesday, 24 February 2015

MUA Haul!

Hi guys so today I'm going to be doing a haul for you! The other day I ordered some bits from MUA and they came today. They came so quick which I'm super happy about. As you may be wondering, no I'm not meant to be blogging today but I've decided that I'm going to try and start blogging a lot more because I find my self wanting to blog pretty much everyday ha! Ok, so lets get started with the haul...

So the first thing I bought was MUA's new Spring Break Eyeshadow Palette. I haven't tried this yet but I can see myself using it a lot during spring because it has some nice pale colours and some are matte and some are shimmery. This item cost me £4.00, which I think is really good for a palette.


The next item I bought was the Lash Boom Mascara. I actually used this today and I loved it! The brush is the perfect shape for coating all your lashes, even those small ones in the corners of your eye.
This item was £3.00 and in my opinion, this item is worth so much more, especially as I know Rimmel do a similar one for around £6.00 (depending on where you buy from.)


This next item is the MUA Luxe Voluminous Felt Liner. I also used this today and if you like fat liner then this is perfect for you. It could be because I've never used a felt liner before really but I ended up with eye liner the thickness of nearly my whole eyelid. It's a good coverage though so I still say it is a good product and this cost me £3.00.


These next three little items are the MUA £1 Nail Polish. They currently have a 3 for 2 offer on but at £1 each you can't really complain anyway. To me these nail varnishes remind me a lot of the Essie Nail Varnishes. Not only do these look pretty but they also cover really well, Today I am wearing Truffle Cream and the other two polishes I bought are in the colours Bold Blue and Pistachio Ice Cream. They have a range of colours which I think are perfect for spring and summer,


These next items, when I ordered them I thought were going to be like my Rimmel colour blast lipstick pens but when they actually came I realised that they are the MUA Power Pout Lip Tints. I've never used a lip tint before so when I tried one out this morning I was really surprised that I actually really liked how it looked, As you can see I bought three of these, today I am wearing Crazy In Love and the other two are called Rendezvous and Justify. I wished they had more of a colour range because I would really like to get more of these, especially as they were only £1.00 each.


This next item, I tried today and now I am never going back. This is the Pout Prime Smoothing Lip Primer. I'd never even considered using a lip primer before, usually I would just apply some vaseline too my lips before apply make up but with this lip primer, I don't need to and it just makes my lips look so good and they feel smooth as well. This item was £3.00, which I think is amazing for the money, if it was me I'd be charging at least £5 because it is such a good item.


The good thing about MUA is that they also sell a range of brushes. The two brushes I picked up are the E9 Socket Blending brush and the F7 Small Fan brush. I used these both today, they are such good quality and I will definitely be buying more, maybe even the brush holder. The brushes I bought cost £1.95. Prices range depending on the type but I will link below the page to all the brushes.


Ok guys so that's it for today, I'll be back tomorrow with another post, so look out for that and I hope you enjoyed this post and make sure you check out the MUA online store and make sure you leave me a comment of what posts you'd like to see.

Kira xx

Monday, 23 February 2015

February Book Reviews!

Hi guys so as you know, I now own a Kindle Fire which means I've been reading! This month I've read two books, which are IT by Alexa Chung and Pretty Honest by Sali Hughes. Today I'm going to be reviewing these books for you.

So the first book, IT by Alexa Chung I had mixed feelings about, I started off really loving this book but then towards the middle i started to get quite bored. Don't get me wrong I loved the images and detail and I love that this book is like Miss Chung is just having a very long and pointless conversation with you but at points in the book it just really lacked entertainment. Towards the end of the book, I started to enjoy the book a bit more. When it came to reviewing the book on Good Reads, I rated this book at 3/4 stars, I completely stand by my rating because 3/4 is probably how much of the book I enjoyed. I do really recommend the book though, if you like reading biography style/ non-fiction books about fashion. Its a really good book for encouraging people to find their own style and not copy what everyone else is doing.

The next book Pretty Honest by Sali Hughes is the perfect coffee table book, To start with I tried to read the book all the way through but then towards the middle I started to realise that it wasn't that type of book because I got to chapters about anti-aging, which I don't really need to read but there were chapter I loved, like the ones about her personal expierences as a teen and about make up, from contouring to lipstick. I also like that Sali Hughes talks about brands she recommends and products that aren't nessecerray buys. I also loved that she shared her skin care routine and what make up she wears on a daily basis. I rated this book on Good Reads at 4/5, there isn't really anything wrong with this book, its more the fact that it isn't the type of book you can really give a 5/5 because like I said, its a coffee table book, I can definitely see myself flicking through this book when I need to know information on something, like the best brushes or new techniques to try. I really recommend this book to all beauty gurues or people who really enjoy all things beauty. The book is also good for young people who are thinking about trying out make up as the author talks about her make mistakes as a child and she also has a section where she recommends what products a young teen should use when firsts starting make up. There's just so much about this book I loved, so I really recommend it.

Ok, guys so that's it for todays post, make sure you come back for more posts and follow me on my Instagram at @kirafelicialindxn

Kira xx

Friday, 20 February 2015

Top February Buys!

Hi guys so today I'm going to share with you a few items that I'm so glad I bought this month. I've bought alot this month but these 5 items are items that have really made a difference and helped me. I don't have photos of all the items but I will link what I can and prices.

So the first item I'm so glad I bought this month is my real techniques brush set by Sam and Nic. I've never really used brushes before but I love these brushes, I use them everyday for foundation, eyeshadow,powder and contouring and they always leave my make up looking amazing. My brush set cost me around £20. I really recommend these brushes whether you use brushes everyday or not.


The next item is the Barry M Brow Kit, I use this everyday now instead of a normal eyeshadow and I think it makes my eyebrows look so much better. Whenever I used eyeshadow it always made my eyebrows look really fluffy where as this brow powder makes them look amazing. The kit consists of a highlighting powder, the brow powder and a brow jel for when you've finished. I bought this product from boots and it cost me £5.99 so a really affordable price.

U.S- I don't know if Barry M is sold in the U.S so i'm not sure where you could buy this other that Amazon or Ebay.

This next item is nothing to do with your face ha! And that is my travel mug. I've not actually traveled with it other that up the stairs from the kitchen but I use it at night because I find it a lot safer for me in bed because I'm very likely to spill drinks, the only fault with this cup is that it takes me about 10 minutes to get the lid on! I bought my travel mug from Peacocks so I wont be able to link it for you as they don't sell there 'home' stuff online but it was £4 and I will like similar items.


My next favourite buy of this month is my Kindle Fire HD6. It has reduced the amount of storage taken up on my phone by loads. You may not know this but I have an Iphone 5C and I have the 8GB and because apple feel the need to fill the phone with loads of factory apps, I'm left with hardly any storage. I use my phone for taking most of my photos when I'm out and all my apps so I'm left with no storage for my music. I contemplated getting an Ipod but I've been wanting to read a lot more this year so the Kindle was the perfect option for me. I got mine on Amazon, obviously! and it cost me £99 and I have the 16GB.


My final item is my Soap And Glory Mist You Madly Body Spray. I use this mostly before I go to bed just so that I'm getting into bed with that flirty scent on me. When I bought this, as I've said before, it wasn't the scent I thought it was going to be, I was hoping for the Soap And Glory Hand Food scent but I love the scent it has anyway and I really recommend it if you want to smell nice but perfume is too expensive or too strong for you. I bought mine from boots and it cost me £3.50


So that's it for today guys and I'll see you in my next post.

Kira xx

Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Sanctuary Spa Peptide Replenish Night Cream!

Hi guys so today I'm going to be reviewing a product for you and the product I'm going to be reviewing for you today is the Sanctuary Spa Peptide Replenish Night Cream. So I hope you enjoy this type of post because I haven't done a post like this so far. Please leave comments on what you'd like to see more of and I'll be sure to take them in mind.

So I came across this product when I was having a browse around the shops a few weeks ago and coincidently the night before I had borrowed a night cream because my face was really hot and red after cleansing. I cannot remember the brand of the high end product I used but it was really good.
Anyway so when I saw this I immediately grabbed it off the shelf and threw it in the basket. I bought this product at only £5 so at that price I knew I had to get it and for the quality of the packaging you would think it was high end and a lot more expensive. 

When I got home I read the packaging of the product and saw that it had lavender oil in it. Now I'm allergic to lavender so obviously you see my issue and the product got put away at the back of the shelf. Until last night. Once again my face was really flushed after cleansing and I remembered I had this product, I knew I wasn't doing anything the next day so I took my chances and used the product, too my surprise I was fine.

I found this weird as usually even one touch of a lavender product brings me out in a rash and this didn't but anyway I was so happy with how the product performed, it cooled my skin right down and made my face feel amazing. I really recommend this product, although if you are allergic to lavender maybe don't be as stupid as me and try it because it could cause you a lot of irritation.

So that's it for today, make sure you keep an eye out for my next post. Make sure to comment as I love reading them and I also love following new blogs so make sure to comment your blog address aswell. You can also follow me on instagram @kirafelicialindxn

Kira xx

Tuesday, 17 February 2015


Hi guys so I know todays not a usual blogging day for me but I received an email saying I'd been nominated for this and decided it would be fun and had to do it right away!

So the rules of this award are:

1. Thank and follow the blog that has nominated you. I was nominated by Kirsty at

2. Tell us 11 facts about yourself

3. Answer the questions that were set for you 

4. Nominate 11 bloggers and set questions for them.

So thank you Kirsty for nominating me. I nominate












    11 Facts about me

1. I bought a Kindle Fire the other week for no reason.

2. Coffee is like my 1# but sometimes I cheat on it with hot chocolate

3. I'm more confident around people I don't know.

4. Only one person I actually know, knows about my blog.

5. If I'm on my laptop I'm on youtube or reading peoples blogs.

6. Its not my laptop, it's Alex's mums.

7. I buy sample perfumes before deciding to buy the full perfume.

8.  I'm addicted to all the Real Housewives.

9. I cancel on people a lot for no reason.

10. I have a shopping addiction.

11. Doing these facts was hard.

Questions I Was Given By Kirsty

1. What is your favourite day of the week?

Wednesday because I know I'm always out.

2. Which is your least favourite season?
I don't really have one.

3. Who is your favourite actor?
Um, it used to be Joseph Morgan but I haven't really watched anything with him in for awhile. I really don't think I have a favourite actor, I have loads of favourite actresses though.

4. Could you live without TV?
I probably could but I use the TV more for background noise when I'm on the laptop or playing on my kindle.

5. What's your most visited website?
Either YouTube or Bloglovin.

6. What's your greatest achievement?
Giving birth haha. I've never really done anything to be able to achieve anything.

7. Do you have any pets or what pet would you have?
Although they aren't mine, I love with two dogs Charlie and Diesel. I'm planning on getting a pug or French bulldog though.

8. Do you have a favourite item of clothing?
I actually don't, probably because I have so many clothes.

9. Name one thing you would love to do which scares you?
Possibly go to a party. Sorry, that was boring.

10. Where is your favourite place to go?
Probably my mum's, I love her house.

11. Do you have something which you do to cheer yourself up on a bad day? Not really, I watch a lot of funny YouTube videos though.

Questions for the bloggers I've tagged.

1. What's the worst job you've had?
2. Can you describe a bad day for you?
3. If you could meet any TV character, who would you choose?
4. What is your favourite time of day?
5. Who is your favourite human being?
6. Where is your dream destination?
7. If you could change any ending of any movie, what would you change?
8. What are you craving?
9. How would you describe yourself?
10. Favourite dog breed?
11. Baths or showers?

Can't wait to see your posts
                                             Kira xx

Monday, 16 February 2015

My Skin Care Routine!

Hi guys, so today I'm going to share with you how I keep my skin fresh and healthy with my skincare routine. This has nothing to do with clear skin, my skins not always spot free, in fact i have a massive spot on my chin right now, having clear skin most of the time is just a bonus of my routine I guess.

Since being pregnant my skin has been through a lot with all the hormone changes, so after having Phoebe I decided it was time to start taking care of my skin. I started off by using just one facial scrub before I went to bed. This was the Osiris Avise Apricot Exfoliating Facial Scrub and I'd use this after I'd took my make up off with most of the time a baby wipe! For this product I just wet my face with warm water and then message the product into my face. I then leave the product on my face for a minute and then rinse it off and pat dry with a towel. 

After a while of only doing this, I decided I needed something else as my face still felt  really unhealthy too me. So I started using a face mask every night. I don't use a specific brand, I usually just pick up whatever is on sale. I apply my face mask after using my scrub and leave it on for about half an hour while I watch TV or YouTube.

Around a month later I went shopping and decided to pick up some new products. Now instead of baby wipes which are unhealthy for taking make up off anyway. I use the Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water. I use this with cotton wool pads. I love this stuff so much because it only takes a few drops to take make up off my whole face.

I also picked up the Cien Aqua Rich Gentle Facial Wash. It says to use this product morning and night but I just use this in the morning to refresh my face before I apply my make up.

Ok guys so that's it for today's post. I'd just like to remind you all that everybody's skin is different. I've had my skin tested and I have dehydrated skin, from no fault but my own however this routine is what works best for me, although it might not work for you. It's all about trying out new products and seeing what works best for you. I do really recommend all these products and think they are amazing.

Kira xx

Friday, 13 February 2015


Hi guys so today I'm doing WHAT'S IN MY BAG? I was really stuck for ideas on today's post and then I saw that my bag was full and decided to do this, I will try and tell you as much information on items as I can but a lot of the stuff in my bag can be found anywhere as its just quite basic stuff.
So the first thing I pick out are my blog journal, my diary and my gloves. The zig zag book which is my blog journal is just a basic lined notebook from Amazon and it was £1.20. My diary which is the spotty book is from Tesco and it was in the sale at £3. I need both because my journal is for where I scribble down ideas for post and plan out posts and my diary is basically for work so I can keep track of deliveries and orders. My gloves are a cheap pair that were £1.99 from local shop, I was really cold when I was working a few weeks ago so I ran in and bought some gloves. The next items I picked out are my kindle, iPhone headphones, purse, keys and kindle charger. My kindle is the Kindle Fire HD6 and it cost me £89 and the cover I got was £12. My purse was a present but I've seen ones in Primark that are similar for £7ish. The final items I picked out were my make up bag, my hairspray, body spray and brushes. There isn't much to tell you about these items, I talked about my body spray in my last post and make sure you come back monday.
Kira xx

Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Valentines Essentials!

Hi guys so I'm sorry I didn't blog Monday , I was so tired after a long day but I'm home now and ready to share my Valentines day essentials. These products are things that I think would make your valentines that little bit better, whether in a relationship or not. I believe that just because your single does not mean you can't enjoy valentines day. People these days are under the impression that valentines day is about your boyfriend/girlfriend/significant other. Valentines day is about LOVE. You don't have to be in a relationship to love, there's family, friends, your dog if you love it. Valentines day is about spending time with others and these items will make your valentines day just that little bit better.

1.  This is the Barry M Shimmer Eye And Lip pencil. Applying this pencil to your lower water line will really widen your eyes and make you look awake and glowing no matter how sad and lonely you are feeling.  

2. This next product is the W7 In The Nude palette, this would do well if you wanted to look sexy and glamorous when going out whether it be with friends or that special someone. There are so many different eye looks you can do with this palette that would guarantee you another date or even more.

3. Red lipstick! this would be an obvious one for valentines day as it's something that most women associate with being sexy and looking good. This red lipstick is by Technic and it's in the colour rouge a levres. It doesn't really matter what brand it is as long as it gives good coverage and makes you look good.

4. Another lipstick! but this one isn't really for the colour but more for the fact that its long lasting which of course would be good if your looking to have a bit of a cheeky kiss or a naughty night. I have used this lipstick quite a lot and it lasts all day even through drinking, eating, kissing, etc. This product is called Maybeline Super Stay 24 Colour. You can get this product in a range of colours and I think this is one of my top picks for valentines day.

5. This is the Laval Eye Liner Pencil obviously to make yourself look sleek and sexy you can use which ever eyeliner you prefer but this is the one I use and I love it! I just think a winger eyeliner make you look so much more confident and like you know what your doing.

6. Another lip colour! This is the Rimmel Lasting Finish Colour Rush in the colour Viva Violet. I've worn this colour a lot and have had a lot of questions about it and even compliments and I'm sure that will be the same for you and what better day to have them, then on valentines day when your feeling low.

7. Candles, of course for your special night! These are Yankee Wax Melts. These are probably the cheapest of the Yankee range, pricing at £1.49. The key to candles on your special valentines night is choosing scents that your partner will like and that will relax them.

8. Of course you want to smell nice on valentines day, right? Remember my January favourites when I said I wanted a perfume/spray that smelt like the Soap And Glory Hand Food? Well, when I saw this, I thought yes! I've found the scent as a spray. I was wrong but it's still an amazing smell and as it says on the bottle 'a flirty floral fragrant body spray'.

Ok, so that's it for this post, I'm sorry I haven't been posting on time the last few days but that ends now, no more excuses, no more messing around.