Friday, 27 February 2015

Favourite Affordable Lip Product!

Hi guys so today I'm going to share with you my favourite affordable lipsticks, so basically lipsticks you can afford on a budget that I personally love. Sorry to those of you that have been waiting for my post all day, I've been busy today and haven't had a chance to blog for you but here is the post...

My first two favourite lipsticks are by Gosh and they are in the colours Cappuccino and Innocent. I usually wear these colours when I'm going for a simple make up look but the quality of the lipsticks overall are amazing. From Superdrug these lipsticks cost £6.99 each and I really recommend them, also the black packaging is amazing and I love that the actually stick has 'GOSH' engraved into it.

My next favourite lipstick is by Maybelline and it's the Super Stay 24 Colour and mine is in the colour Eternal Sunset. I've mentioned this lipstick before as it used to be my everyday lipstick but as all you beauty enthusiasts will of experienced, I go through faces of brands,colours, styles. I've tried other colours in this make and I think they are all amazing and I definitely want to pick up more of these lipstick/glosses. When I think of lipglosses, I think of those lumpy, glittery ones that you used to get on the front of a magazine when you were a young girl but This is not, once it is on your lips it goes matte and then you can either leave it like that, like I do or apply the balm on the other end which gives it a glossy effect. Which is why whenever I talk about this product, I class it as a lipstick. This product costs £8.99 from most drugstores like Boots or Superdrug.

My next product is by Rimmel, This is a lip pen and it's the Lasting Finish Colour Rush, I own two, one in the colour Viva Violet, which is the one I'm favoriting for this post and the other one I have is in the colour Keep Mauving. I think these lip pens are so good, they apply so easily and last all day, I apply mine and then put my Stay Matte powder over the top to give it a matte finish but I do that with all my lip products because I'm not a massive fan of glossy lips. This product costs £5.99.

My final lip product is also by Maybelline and its the Baby Lips Lip Balm, I own two, a coloured one, which I don't really use but I also have the plain lip balm which I am constantly applying too my lips when I'm in bed. I get really dry and chapped lips so I've always got a lip balm at hand but this one is a definite favourite, this is not very expensive as it cost me £2.99, you can most likely buy this anywhere that sells Maybelline products.

So that's it for today guys, It is very unlikely that I will be blogging over the weekend but you can keep up with what I'm doing by following me on my Instagram @kirafelicialindxn and I will be back with another post on Monday, make sure to keep leaving me comments, I always get excited when I see a comment on a post and it really keeps me enthusiastic about posting.

Kira xx

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