Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Sanctuary Spa Peptide Replenish Night Cream!

Hi guys so today I'm going to be reviewing a product for you and the product I'm going to be reviewing for you today is the Sanctuary Spa Peptide Replenish Night Cream. So I hope you enjoy this type of post because I haven't done a post like this so far. Please leave comments on what you'd like to see more of and I'll be sure to take them in mind.

So I came across this product when I was having a browse around the shops a few weeks ago and coincidently the night before I had borrowed a night cream because my face was really hot and red after cleansing. I cannot remember the brand of the high end product I used but it was really good.
Anyway so when I saw this I immediately grabbed it off the shelf and threw it in the basket. I bought this product at only £5 so at that price I knew I had to get it and for the quality of the packaging you would think it was high end and a lot more expensive. 

When I got home I read the packaging of the product and saw that it had lavender oil in it. Now I'm allergic to lavender so obviously you see my issue and the product got put away at the back of the shelf. Until last night. Once again my face was really flushed after cleansing and I remembered I had this product, I knew I wasn't doing anything the next day so I took my chances and used the product, too my surprise I was fine.

I found this weird as usually even one touch of a lavender product brings me out in a rash and this didn't but anyway I was so happy with how the product performed, it cooled my skin right down and made my face feel amazing. I really recommend this product, although if you are allergic to lavender maybe don't be as stupid as me and try it because it could cause you a lot of irritation.

So that's it for today, make sure you keep an eye out for my next post. Make sure to comment as I love reading them and I also love following new blogs so make sure to comment your blog address aswell. You can also follow me on instagram @kirafelicialindxn

Kira xx

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