Friday, 13 February 2015


Hi guys so today I'm doing WHAT'S IN MY BAG? I was really stuck for ideas on today's post and then I saw that my bag was full and decided to do this, I will try and tell you as much information on items as I can but a lot of the stuff in my bag can be found anywhere as its just quite basic stuff.
So the first thing I pick out are my blog journal, my diary and my gloves. The zig zag book which is my blog journal is just a basic lined notebook from Amazon and it was £1.20. My diary which is the spotty book is from Tesco and it was in the sale at £3. I need both because my journal is for where I scribble down ideas for post and plan out posts and my diary is basically for work so I can keep track of deliveries and orders. My gloves are a cheap pair that were £1.99 from local shop, I was really cold when I was working a few weeks ago so I ran in and bought some gloves. The next items I picked out are my kindle, iPhone headphones, purse, keys and kindle charger. My kindle is the Kindle Fire HD6 and it cost me £89 and the cover I got was £12. My purse was a present but I've seen ones in Primark that are similar for £7ish. The final items I picked out were my make up bag, my hairspray, body spray and brushes. There isn't much to tell you about these items, I talked about my body spray in my last post and make sure you come back monday.
Kira xx

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