Monday, 23 February 2015

February Book Reviews!

Hi guys so as you know, I now own a Kindle Fire which means I've been reading! This month I've read two books, which are IT by Alexa Chung and Pretty Honest by Sali Hughes. Today I'm going to be reviewing these books for you.

So the first book, IT by Alexa Chung I had mixed feelings about, I started off really loving this book but then towards the middle i started to get quite bored. Don't get me wrong I loved the images and detail and I love that this book is like Miss Chung is just having a very long and pointless conversation with you but at points in the book it just really lacked entertainment. Towards the end of the book, I started to enjoy the book a bit more. When it came to reviewing the book on Good Reads, I rated this book at 3/4 stars, I completely stand by my rating because 3/4 is probably how much of the book I enjoyed. I do really recommend the book though, if you like reading biography style/ non-fiction books about fashion. Its a really good book for encouraging people to find their own style and not copy what everyone else is doing.

The next book Pretty Honest by Sali Hughes is the perfect coffee table book, To start with I tried to read the book all the way through but then towards the middle I started to realise that it wasn't that type of book because I got to chapters about anti-aging, which I don't really need to read but there were chapter I loved, like the ones about her personal expierences as a teen and about make up, from contouring to lipstick. I also like that Sali Hughes talks about brands she recommends and products that aren't nessecerray buys. I also loved that she shared her skin care routine and what make up she wears on a daily basis. I rated this book on Good Reads at 4/5, there isn't really anything wrong with this book, its more the fact that it isn't the type of book you can really give a 5/5 because like I said, its a coffee table book, I can definitely see myself flicking through this book when I need to know information on something, like the best brushes or new techniques to try. I really recommend this book to all beauty gurues or people who really enjoy all things beauty. The book is also good for young people who are thinking about trying out make up as the author talks about her make mistakes as a child and she also has a section where she recommends what products a young teen should use when firsts starting make up. There's just so much about this book I loved, so I really recommend it.

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Kira xx

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