Tuesday, 17 February 2015


Hi guys so I know todays not a usual blogging day for me but I received an email saying I'd been nominated for this and decided it would be fun and had to do it right away!

So the rules of this award are:

1. Thank and follow the blog that has nominated you. I was nominated by Kirsty at http://missapplecrumbles.blogspot.co.uk/

2. Tell us 11 facts about yourself

3. Answer the questions that were set for you 

4. Nominate 11 bloggers and set questions for them.

So thank you Kirsty for nominating me. I nominate

1. slightsasha.blogspot.co.uk 

2. fashionablycompassionate.com

3. sassyellette.wordpress.com

4. ellenelizabethxoox.blogspot.com

5. beautiful-in-essence.blogspot.com

6. ivyhorehound.blogspot.com

7. lasheslinerlove.blogspot.co.uk

8. smocktofrock.co.uk

9. thatdeergirl.blogspot.co.uk

10. existenceinstyle.blogspot.co.uk

11. gemimalove.blogspot.com

    11 Facts about me

1. I bought a Kindle Fire the other week for no reason.

2. Coffee is like my 1# but sometimes I cheat on it with hot chocolate

3. I'm more confident around people I don't know.

4. Only one person I actually know, knows about my blog.

5. If I'm on my laptop I'm on youtube or reading peoples blogs.

6. Its not my laptop, it's Alex's mums.

7. I buy sample perfumes before deciding to buy the full perfume.

8.  I'm addicted to all the Real Housewives.

9. I cancel on people a lot for no reason.

10. I have a shopping addiction.

11. Doing these facts was hard.

Questions I Was Given By Kirsty

1. What is your favourite day of the week?

Wednesday because I know I'm always out.

2. Which is your least favourite season?
I don't really have one.

3. Who is your favourite actor?
Um, it used to be Joseph Morgan but I haven't really watched anything with him in for awhile. I really don't think I have a favourite actor, I have loads of favourite actresses though.

4. Could you live without TV?
I probably could but I use the TV more for background noise when I'm on the laptop or playing on my kindle.

5. What's your most visited website?
Either YouTube or Bloglovin.

6. What's your greatest achievement?
Giving birth haha. I've never really done anything to be able to achieve anything.

7. Do you have any pets or what pet would you have?
Although they aren't mine, I love with two dogs Charlie and Diesel. I'm planning on getting a pug or French bulldog though.

8. Do you have a favourite item of clothing?
I actually don't, probably because I have so many clothes.

9. Name one thing you would love to do which scares you?
Possibly go to a party. Sorry, that was boring.

10. Where is your favourite place to go?
Probably my mum's, I love her house.

11. Do you have something which you do to cheer yourself up on a bad day? Not really, I watch a lot of funny YouTube videos though.

Questions for the bloggers I've tagged.

1. What's the worst job you've had?
2. Can you describe a bad day for you?
3. If you could meet any TV character, who would you choose?
4. What is your favourite time of day?
5. Who is your favourite human being?
6. Where is your dream destination?
7. If you could change any ending of any movie, what would you change?
8. What are you craving?
9. How would you describe yourself?
10. Favourite dog breed?
11. Baths or showers?

Can't wait to see your posts
                                             Kira xx


  1. Interesting read! :) Thank you for nominating me.
    Marianne x


  2. Thanks for nominating me, I can't wait to answer your questions!
    Ellen -xoxox-


  3. Hey love your blog- thanks for nominating me (sorry it's a bit late)... I look forward to answering your questions! Thanks again x

  4. Thanks for nominating me : )
    Your blogs great!
    Sorry for the late reply : )
    Jess x