Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Top 5 Budget Beauty Buys!

Hi guys so today I'm going to be telling you about the Top 5 products that you can easily afford if your on a budget. All these products are drugstore items because as you will know by now, I dont tend to really use high end products, I'm more into finding good cheap products and showing that you don't need a £50 foundation that will last you like a month. So lets get started...

For some reason I didn't photograph these first two items. The first one is the W7 Prime Magic Camera Ready Primer. Now I've talked about this item before and I think I said I couldn't really comment on the quality of this product because I'd never used a primer before but the other day I was being really lazy and didn't apply primer and I noticed a massive difference. My foundation was flaky, nothing was going on right, my skin felt really dry and I ended up looking worse than when I started. So I'd say for £6.95 this is a primer worth getting.


The next item I didn't photograph seperatley is the Natural Collection Bronzer, I can't actually find the bronzer I have on the Boots website, Mines a loose powder where as the only one I can find is a pressed powder but the price of this bronzer was £1.99. This is such a good bronzer, I said in a post that I'm not using it at the moment because I see it as a summer bronzer, which I do because it has a shimmer too it but that's the only reason I am not using it. I think all the Natural Collection products are brillant for the price so I really recommend that you go into Boots and have a browse at the stuff.


This item has been like God to me since I bought it a few weeks ago, I love it so much and it is the Barry M Brow Kit, I've talked about this a few times in all different posts and I really think this should be on your shopping list, Its such a good kit and it lasts a long time as well, the only fault I'd say is that the brow jel is tinted so you end up with really dark brows but I don't use the jel and my eyebrows still stay in place right through till the next day with no colour run or anything. This product costs £5.99 and compared to the high end brow kits I'd say this is really worth buying.


Mascara for me isn't really a product that I buy the same one every time, I like to try out different ones. This is a Natural Collection mascara and I'd say this is great if you like just a thin coat of mascara, you can still layer it if you want but this is really good because it doesn't clump and its also very easy to use on the lower lash line. This product is £1.99 and for a basic mascara I'd say its worth it.


My final item is the W7 Eyeshadow Palettes, the one photographed here is the In The Nude palette and to me they are very much like the Urban Decay Naked palettes, they're really well pigmented and I do really recommend these palettes as I use them every day and I think they are amazing.
The price really depends on where you buy from, in Peacocks they are £7.99 and on amazon they are around £6, however on the W7 website they are £9.99, which compared to the Naked palettes which are £35, I think that's a great price.


So guys that's it for today, I hope you enjoyed this post and make sure to go hunt for these brilliant items. Look out for my next post and be sure to leave me some comments.

Kira xx

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