Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Clothing + Home Haul!!

Hi guys, so today I'm going to be sharing with you a few items that I've  bought over the past week or so for myself. Please excuse the photos, the lighting in them is so bad and this is due to me having to take them in the dark. However I will link all items so you can check them out properly, so lets get started.

So the first item is this amazing pug cushion. I've seen so many bloggers and vloggers buying these lately from Primark however I don't go to Primark often as there isn't one near me. This cushion however is from Tesco, yes I said Tesco. I've never ever thought to look in Tesco for home stuff before but I was so happy with the stuff I got from there.

Price- £6

This next item is as you can see from the photo almost empty. I know you probably thinking ' what?she said she only bought these items the other day.' Yes I did only buy this the other day, yes it is empty. So this candle has a very big favourite, It is also from Tesco. The reason it is empty so quickly is because it's in the scent Sweet Vanilla, which is Alex's favourite scent. Obviously for me this size candle isn't great but for most other people it would be great at an estimated 30 hour burn time.

Price- £2

My next item is obviously a pair of shoes, this is something quite different for me. I'm more of a heel/boots person because I like feeling tall, it makes me feel better about myself.  However spring is coming and I wanted a cute pair of shoes that would be comfortable for those warm months. These little dollies are from Peacocks. I've never really shopped in Peacocks for myself and I was really Surprised at the quality considering everything is so cheap.

Price- £7
Link- Unfortunately I'm not able to get on the website to get the link but the name of the item is Shoe Bow Trim Basic Minni

This item is amazing, I never thought something of such a good price would be this good of a quality. This item was also from Peacocks. That's pretty much it haha.

Price- £8
Link- Viscose Print Vest

I forgot I had even ordered this top so when it came I was so happy because I had one more item than I'd remembered and that is a great feeling. This item is also from peacocks and it has a lovely satin feel to it and although I haven't worn it yet, I definitely think it's an item that can be dressed up and dressed down.

Price- £9.60
Link- Satin Printed Top

I've always had this theory that you shouldn't buy jewellery for yourself but I have changed my opinion completely and will be buying alooot more jewellery in the future, This little item is from Peacocks and I really love it.

Price- £3
Link- Simple Half Moon Necklace

This next item isn't very clear from the photos but it is a pair of cream/brown jeggings that zip at the side. These trousers are perfect! They are now one of my favourite items of clothing and I want more! I have a real issue with finding trousers and jeans that fit me as I have got hip but then I have very short skinny legs and a lot of the time I either end up with trousers too tight with baggy legs, to big round the waist and legs or perfect on the legs but I'm walking round pulling them up constantly. So putting these on and seeing and feeling what I did I felt amazing. Peacocks

Price- £12
Link- Side Zip Colour Jeggings

I'm not a very cardigan person, I'm much more of a jumper person but lately I've been feeling like jumpers cover up what you're actually wearing,  So I vow to wear more cardigans in spring so that I can show off my statement tops. This is from Peacocks.

Price- £10.00
Link- Feather Waffle Cardi

Okay guys so that's it for today. I'm actually going away for awhile. Don't worry, this will not effect you! Although my photo quality will not be as good as I will be using my phone. I've got some great post ideas cooking up and I can't wait to share them with you.
                                                                Bye for now. Kira xx

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